Marianne Vandenbussche

Contemporary ceramics and pottery


Marianne Vandenbussche

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I always like the contact with the clay : to touch, to deform, to assemble …

Clay has been a real discovery; turning brings me serenity. When I turn a jar, a bowl or a plate I like to add my imprint: a twisted edge, a claw or a recess. After, the glaze determines the final beauty of the object.

Each ceramic is unique ; made with love and affection.

My artwork with porcelain is inspired by the seabed; the dance of the corals, their movements inspire me.

From there my research to give them a shape: to roll, to flatten, to model and then to assemble.

I use only few colors preferring to show the purity of porcelain when I work with this material.

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Ezelstraat 67
8000 Brugge
Tel: 04 97 71 71 33